Monday, 18 September 2017

Kangana Ranaut's New Home!

Kangana Ranaut, the lady who is known for her flawless performance in many famous movies like, tanu weds manu, queen, fashion, gangster, etc. She is notorious for speaking her mind in an unpolitical way. Given her exuberant personality, the new makeover of her house comes as something of a surprise. The house has been beautifully designed by Richa Bahl keeping Kangana’s taste in mind. 
Done up largely in white, Kangana's house looks subtle and elegant and has an offbeat house-in-the-hills kind of a vibe going for it.
Here’s a sneak peak into Kangana Ranaut’s beautiful and classic home in Mumbai. see Inside Pics:
As you walk up to the main entrance, you’re greeted by a beautiful blue door designed by Richa. Custom-made marble inlay flooring leads the way into the actress’ sanctuary that’s in part earthy and in part scintillating.

 The living room is charmingly laid out and the niches are a signature Richa Bahl design motif. However, the one thing that catches your fancy immediately is the Marilyn Monroe light that has been designed by Kangana herself.

She comes with a breath of stereotypical industry and her home reflects all of that and more, likewise we expected from Kangana, the stunning house is giving #homestyling goals to everyone today.
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